Daqin professional in custom mobile phone skin machine, sell well in 135 countries since 2002. Also we has specialized in the chain franchise of mobile phone accessories for 16 years, there are more than 3000 franchisees in China, has a very perfect chain franchise system, management system and rich experience in opening stores. In 2019, Daqin opened a new franchise chain brand, TIEMOXIAOZI, it is "not only a professional install mobile screen protector store, but also a mobile phone service store", we are committed to helping more mobile phone repair shops and mobile phone accessories stores to upgrade professionally, provide entrepreneurs a project with a higher success rate.

DAQIN TIEMOXIAOZI provide all-round support for customers, include store product support, store location suggestions, store decoration design, store commodity pricing strategy, store marketing plan, etc. TIEMOXIAOZI provides unified supply to all franchise stores, including mobile phone tempered glass screen protector, mobile phone case, mobile phone accessories, custom mobile skin software and machine, mobile phone sterilizer, etc.




Daqin has 16 years of experience in chain franchise, has a very strictly effective store management system, helps store have a precise and meticulous management. We have a strict product quality management system to ensure that all products to customers are of good quality.At the same time, we have very professional technicians and 24-hour service personnel, so that customers 0 experience can easily open stores

We Provide All-round Support for You

Assist in selecting a suitable location for store

Continuously provide marketing activities plan

Learn to operate store in community marketing

Provide stable, cost-effective and market hot sale products

Assist stores to solve practical problems in operation

Just to let you run away with us



We Have Professional Factory in Guangdong, China

DAQIN is a group of young people chasing dreams, working and living in the global mobile phone accessories base camp - Guangdong, China. Everyday we face a variety of mobile phone accessories. We are unwilling to ordinary. We take a delight in making higher quality, also has the most appropriate price. We have professional factory in Guangdong,specializing in the production of mobile tempered glass screen protector and mobile phone accessories. We only give customers the best products.

Production process of TIEMOXIAOZI tempered glass screen protector


We Have Professional Custom Mobile Skin System

Daqin professional in custom mobile phone skin machine, sell well in 135 countries since 2002. Custom mobile phone skin making system and laptop skin making system allow you customize any photos mobile phone skin, laptop skin, PlayStation skin, tablet skin, earphone skin, etc. to create unique competitiveness for your store, also the custom skin have higher profits.


We Have Strong R & D Ability

We have strong R & D ability to launch new products in time according to market changes. For example, our mobile phone disinfection machine is specially developed for the current special environment. It uses a combination of ultraviolet disinfection and ozone disinfection, can kill most bacteria and viruses. It can not only disinfect mobile phones, but also disinfect tablets, laptops, masks, mobile phone cases, keys, etc. At the same time, it uses coin disinfection. Customers can disinfect by themselves, which is very convenient

Professional Mobile Phone Sterilizer

Kill most of germs and bacteria from your phone in 60 seconds , give your heath more assurance


Professional 7-step Screen Protector Install Method

We have advanced technical team, they invented and created the 7-step professional screen protector install method, which has a complete set of professional install screen protector tools, including 7 tools, from professional cleaning of mobile phones before installing, to dust-free screen protector installing , and then to enhanced cleaning and professional disinfection after screen protector installing. From now on, install screen protector is no longer a simple work, but requires professional tools and technology, that can improve the customer experience, So as to increase the added value of the screen protector.


We Have A Complete Store Product System

We have a complete store product system, including both high-end tempered glass screen protector and cheap ones, high-end mobile phone accessories and cheap ones, which meet the requirements of different customers, and we have professional custom skin system can custom mobile skin, mobile case, laptop skin and electronic devices, which is more competitive

Who Cooperate With Us

TIEMOXIAOZI will provide customers with all-round support. Whether you are the owner of mobile phone accessories store, mobile phone store or mobile phone maintenance store, TIEMOXIAOZI system will upgrade your store, Increase professional install mobile screen protector business and mobile phone accessories business, build the core selling point of your store, bring more customer traffic and increase the profit of your store. If you are an entrepreneur and want to open a shop, we will give you the best and greatest support. We has 16 years of experience in opening a store, perfect management system and stable supply channels to help you open a store easily without any worries.