DAQIN Custom Mobile Phone Skin System

DAQIN software + CAMEO plotter, can make any design
mobile case,mobile skin, laptop skin , Playstaion skin……

DAQIN Custom Mobile Skin Design Software

DAQIN custom mobile skin design software is the most important to make custom mobile skin and case. It has over 10000 device templates now , include mobile phone, tablet, laptop, playstation, earphone,watch and so on. also you can input any photos to software to make your own design skin.

At the same time, DAQIN software has the function of data editing. You can design your skin template, such as dividing the mobile phone template design into different shapes, and then splicing different materials skin or photo skin on the mobile phone. Achieve true customization!

DAQIN custom mobile skin design software also have statistics function, it can show you which device templates skins you have made at which time. It is convenient for you to manage the store and formulate the correct sales strategy in time.

Daqin Custom Mobile Phone Skin System

Daqin mobile phone skin system include design software, cutting plotter, color printer, laminator and skin material. can make customized mobile skin, mobile case, screen protector, tablet skin, Playstation skin, full body protection and so on. Support over 300 types texture skin! DAQIN strive to support fashion design and highest quality material like 3M to all customers!

If you have mobile store, mobile accessory store, mobile repair store, any store, custom mobile phone skin system can attract passenger flow and add profits for your store. If you plan start a new business, mobile phone skin system will be your super-duper choice. Only the first investment cost include design software, machine and material, later software update and usage is free all of your life, not have any other cost except. Small investment project with low investment, High profits, fashion and personality!

300+ Viny Skin Styles

DAQIN custom mobile phone skin system can product any model textured skin easily! 300+ material styles, Explore our countless style options: from carbon fiber, marble to Leather and many more. Specific invisible air slot, easy to stick, “0” bubble generation, perfect fit mobile phone, impossible to leave glue!We test fit each skin dozens of times during the design process before we ever offer them for sale, Try them and see the quality for yourself!

Custom PlayStation Skin

DAQIN custom mobile phone skin system also can make custom PlaysSation skin, like Nintendo Switch skin, Sony PS5 skin, Microso Xbox One skin, OnexPlayer skin and so on. Accurate hole position, wear and scratch resistant, easy to paste, No residual glue left.

Mobile Phone Full body Anti-explosion protection

DAQIN custom mobile phone skin system can cut Anti-explosion protection film and hydrogel film perfect. Mass product 30 pcs phone protection in 6 minutes, also support roll material, high-efficiency!

DAQIN Anti-explosion Protection Film Ultra Clear, Auto Scratches repairing in 24 hours, offer most coverage for your mobile. Very thin, it is attached to the mobile phone like no sticker, restore the original appearance of the mobile. Meanwhile, give your phone the protection of the shield guard!

Why Choose DAQIN custom mobile phone skin system

  • 01

    Big market

    Everyone have 1 set of cellphone. Some even have 2 or more sets of cellphones.

    Large consumer group, especial young people and who like unique,fashonable and personalized their lovely handphone.

  • 02

    Huge profit

    Cost:Each cellphone skin produced by our mobile skin system is ranging from 0.2 to 0.7 USD.
    Profit:while the sales price could be as higher as 5 to 20 US dollars or more in different market.

  • 03

    Suitable for all wholesale cell phone accessories

    Professional desinger team work for all brands and models of cellphones in the world.

    Software contains 4500+ cellphone cutting templates.Updated monthly to add the latest models as the mobile industry.

  • 04

    Small investment FOR different business types

    Mobile phone accessories distributor , Mobile phone shop , Gift store , Online shopping site , Media industry for advertising , Personal DIY small business.

  • 05

    Easy operation

    Offer free trainning video and online technical support

    Every one can be a mater of fashionable mobile sticker maker in 3~5days.

Frequently Asked Questions

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